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Why Work For The Howard Group

Wednesday, February 14, 2018   /   by Grant Howard

Why Work For The Howard Group

In the Real Estate industry, you will find a countless number of companies, groups, leaders and personality types. They all have one common goal...to sell real estate. As in many sales positions, the number is the ultimate goal. We are very familiar with several other companies and their "sales" positions. The end goal clouds up the ultimate reason for selling a product, or a service, in the first place. The goal should be to help someone or to provide a service that is far above the rest. 

We truly believe The Howard Group has achieved that! 

Do we all work for money? Of course! The difference is that that is not what keeps us going and doing what we do. 

We love our jobs!

Our agents love helping people sell their homes and find home buyers the home of their dreams. Their end goal is seeing the faces of their clients after they close on their home. What a privilege to be a part of such a milestone. We see it as a game almost. We strive to do anything, and everything, possible to find the perfect buyer for a listing and to find a perfect home for a buyer. We do not quit until that goal is reached. 

What makes The Howard Group so different from others is the culture. We believe that through teamwork, communication, and honesty, we can do anything. 

We know this sounds crazy.......get ready for it! This will blow your mind!


We really enjoy the people we work with!


We enjoy pushing each other to succeed. We enjoy holding one another accountable. We even enjoy just spending time with one another! From our combined experience, this is not something you will find in many other companies. The end goal of numbers fogs your ability to really enjoy what you do. 

The Howard Group is comprised of different people with different backgrounds. We use each others experience, knowledge and ideas they have for the greater good of the team because that is what we are.....a team. 


So if The Howard Group sounds like somewhere you would like to spend you time and a group that you believe you could contribute to, we are hiring. 

We are looking for talented people to help expand our team. Positions we are looking to fill

    • Real Estate Agents
    • Administrative
    • Marketing
    • Inside Sales
    • Business Development

We have big goals for the next year and we are looking for someone who wants to enjoy our team, what we do, and who we are. 

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of........check us out!


You can check us out on Facebook to see a little of what we do. Just click HERE.


Let us know if you, or anyone you know, has any interest in being a part of something great!

If you are considering purchasing a home in the near future and are ready to start pre-preparing fo the pre-approval process fill out pre-approval request form here.

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