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What Are Buyers Looking For?

Monday, March 27, 2017   /   by Ryan Fellows

What Are Buyers Looking For?

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what each home buyer wants in their new home. Everyone is different with very different tastes. Each buyer comes into a potential home with a unique vision and a different outlook for their future in that home. Some may want to paint everything a light color and enjoy tons of windows while others like a darker decor. There are many traits of a home that can differ from one property to the next. However, these are the Top 5 qualities that are most appealing to buyers when looking for a new home.

laundry room.jpeg#1 Laundry Room

Having a separate space to do laundry and keep it separate from the rest of your home is very attractive for new buyers. Also, having laundry on site is a benefit to new home owners as well. 

#2 Outdoor Space

People are using their homes more and more to entertain their friends and family. This is why we are seeing more and more open floor plans on the market in new construction homes as well. Outdoor space is also a sought after feature for homeowners. They enjoy space to spend time outdoors that provides an attractive space for guests. This can include a patio area or a yard that is appealing to spend outdoor time. 

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#3 Hardwood Flooring

As there are trends for indoor decor that come and go throughout the years, hardwood floors seem to be a constant. Flooring is a feature that doesn't need replaced or requires much upkeep. It is also a somewhat neutral pallet for adding your own decor and personality to a room. 

storage space.jpeg#4 Storage Space

Whether it is attic space, basement, or a garage, extra storage space is appealing for the masses. Everyone needs somewhere to store off-season clothes and holiday decorations. Having extra designated space away from the central areas is definitely a positive selling feature for home buyers. 

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#5 Energy efficient home and/or appliances

Homeowners are now paying closer attention to their energy costs. These are costs above and beyond that of the standard mortgage cost. Having a home equipped with energy efficient appliances, windows, or insulation is a feature that will stand out when buyers are shopping homes. 

These are just a few items in your home that you can showcase when you decide that it is time to sell. 

These features are what catches a buyer's eye or could be upgrades you can consider when prepping your home for the market. 

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