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Props for my Peeps

Wednesday, April 4, 2018   /   by Grant Howard

Props for my Peeps

Brace yourself!!! This is a long one…

There are days we all have that it can be difficult to find something to happy about. Something I focus on every day is finding something to be thankful for, regardless of how small that “thing” might be. I have since implemented gratitudes into my businesses by having a meeting every morning at 8:45 where we all share gratitude. This ensures that everyone that I work with can find that “1 thing” to be thankful for and do our best to start the day off right. We call this our Gratitude Huddle.
Another thing I am grateful for our The Peeps that work with me. I truly have an amazing team and feel blessed that I have the privilege to work beside them every single day.

Part of my Vision statement says
Have this business being family oriented so that every team member is valued and all members have potential to grow to the level they desire” and we definitely are living this out. Not only do we show up every day and get the work done, but we enjoy each others company and will do anything to help one another.

Recently we did a fun exercise and we each wrote down a what we thought each team member should be called as a Code or Nickname. So here are a few of the results!!

Grant: The Creator, The Teacher, The Idea Man
Ryan: The Fixer, The Marketer, The Facilitator
Ruthie: The Negotiator, The silent overachiever, The Motivator
Cortney: The Implementer, The "Hold it All Together’er
Ethan: The Grit, The Invisible Man, Mr. Don't Hold Me Back
Brittany: The Joy. The Reminder, The Laughter

To further express why I have such gratitude for these amazing workers I wanted to dive in as to why they are such a great fit for me and my business and the accomplishments they have individually achieved.

Cortney, she is the Executive Assistant for The Howard Group and to say she is good at her job is an understatement.  Although she is only 2 months as a team member she has already made a noticeable impact not just for a culture with gratitude, but making our system more efficient.  I have large growth goals for our companies and she is the perfect person to build out the foundation to make sure we are all successful. Not to mention she has no trouble making sure I do what I say I was going to do.
Ethan is real estate agent for The Howard Group and has been on our team for about 5 months and is currently working part-time, but you would not have known it if I did not tell you. Ethan shows up early and stays late and is determined to be successful by doing whatever it takes to ensure a long-term career in real estate.
Brittany is a  transaction coordinator for 4Arm, which is our sister company that provides admin services to real estate agents in multiple brokerages. She has a heart of gold and I do think she is able to have a bad day, she is ALWAYS smiling. She came into our business while we were in a whirlwind of changes and has been along for the ride since :). She has not only helped overhaul our systems, but has jungled a multitude of responsibilities for the company. She works full time handling upwards of 30+ deals at any given time but is also working to build her career as a real estate agent.

Ruthie is coming up on her first full year as a member of The Howard Group as a real estate agent. She has an innate desire to help people and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the clients she is helping get what they want. Ruthie truly cares about her clients and the team and shows this by her creative gift giving. She is always looking for ways to learn and improve herself so can grow her business and provide value to everyone she meets.  

Ryan is the longest standing member of the team coming up on 3 years and has been through all the growth of the business, not to mention she is co-owner of 4Arm. She is eager to always go above and beyond to help the team, our clients, and customers of 4Arm. Her work ethic and drive is hard to match as well as her passion to see the companies grow, succeed, and make an impact in our industry.

Then there is me….
To be able to provide an environment that these hard-working team members get to enjoy coming to and can succeed is humbling.  I am blessed to work alongside them each day and to call them friends.

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