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October Impact

Thursday, October 10, 2019   /   by Cortney Kaczmarek

October Impact

 Client Impact

We are always grateful for clients who are willing to share their experience working with our team. We know when people put their name on the line to support our company, we've made an impact on them. 

Our mission is to make an impact and we work towards accomplishing that time and again, every single day, with every single client!

Know someone we could make an impact on by helping them to make their right move? Please send them our way! We're committed to excellence!

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Community Impact

Our team has been putting more of a focus on the impact we're making, not only on our clients but on the community as a whole. For our Annual Howard's Harvest this year, we made our charity focus Family Ark! Their mission for this season is to gather Christmas Cards with $25 gift cards to different places, to ensure that the family's who impact the Southern Indiana foster children are celebrated this Holiday Season.

With help from our clients and sponsors, we've raised a total of $205 so far. Our goal is 25 $25 gift cards, or $625. If you'd like to help us reach this goal, please contact us at info@howardgrouprealestate.com for more information!

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