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    Wednesday, December 19, 2018   /   by Ryan Fellows

    We Have Big Goals! Wanna Know Why?

    Working in the sales industry, our lives revolve around numbers. There are goals to hit, numbers to meet and metrics to exceed from the prior year. When you decide work in a field based on input and output, your world seems to naturally become checks and balances. However, when your day to day is outlined down to the minute of goals to hit and numbers to crush, it can become impersonal. This is a hazard of the job. Ironically enough, we are not selling post-its or any other inanimate objects that have no emotional or personal ties to the consumer. We are helping people buy and sell homes. Between the 8 of us on our real estate team, we come in contact with dozens of people on a weekly basis that are downsizing because they are now empty-nesters, newlyweds buying their first home, and even new parents unexpectedly having their third child and are in need of more yard space for their growing family. We also deal with couples divorcing and needing to sell the home they have built together ...

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    Wednesday, April 4, 2018   /   by Grant Howard

    Props for my Peeps

    Brace yourself!!! This is a long one…

    There are days we all have that it can be difficult to find something to happy about. Something I focus on every day is finding something to be thankful for, regardless of how small that “thing” might be. I have since implemented gratitudes into my businesses by having a meeting every morning at 8:45 where we all share gratitude. This ensures that everyone that I work with can find that “1 thing” to be thankful for and do our best to start the day off right. We call this our Gratitude Huddle.

    Another thing I am grateful for our The Peeps that work with me. I truly have an amazing team and feel blessed that I have the privilege to work beside them every single day.

    Part of my Vision statement says “Have this business being family oriented so that every team member is valued and all members have potential to grow to the level they desire” and we definitely are living this o ...

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    Wednesday, February 28, 2018   /   by Cortney Kaczmarek

    What You Focus On Expands

    What You Focus On Expands

    Seems silly…..why does anything need to expand in my life?

    How would your world change if all your energy went into 1 action that drastically changed your quality of life in more than one way?

    Gary Keller wrote the book titled The 1 Thing which explains that we need 1 action item to focus on so that by doing it will make everything else easier or unnecessary. He teaches us to do this in 7 different aspects of our life: Spiritual, Physical Health, Key Relationships, Personal, Job, Business, and Finances.

    My 1 Thing for business is: “Through Culture Increase Growth, Production, and Profitability”. The reason I chose this statement is to put my focus on running The Howard Group like a business and not just selling real estate. My drive to work is not to help people buy and sell real estate (although I do enjoy the process) rather it is to help people develop a career that they love. ...

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    Wednesday, February 14, 2018   /   by Grant Howard

    Why Work For The Howard Group

    In the Real Estate industry, you will find a countless number of companies, groups, leaders and personality types. They all have one common goal...to sell real estate. As in many sales positions, the number is the ultimate goal. We are very familiar with several other companies and their "sales" positions. The end goal clouds up the ultimate reason for selling a product, or a service, in the first place. The goal should be to help someone or to provide a service that is far above the rest. 

    We truly believe The Howard Group has achieved that! 

    Do we all work for money? Of course! The difference is that that is not what keeps us going and doing what we do. 

    We love our jobs!

    Our agents love helping people sell their homes and find home buyers the home of their dreams. Their end goal is seeing the faces of their clients after they close on their home. What a privilege to be a part of such a milestone. We see it as a game almost. We strive to do anything ...

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    Tuesday, October 3, 2017   /   by Ryan Fellows

    You're Selling Your Home, Not Your Stuff.

    The time has come! You have pulled the trigger on selling your home!

    What’s next?

    Well…you have to make it presentable. Prune and primp the yard and landscaping, deep clean your home, and declutter everything. However, we know, the first thing on you mind is the presentation of the inside of your house. The curtains, the carpet, the decor; it all needs to be done!

    Here are a few tips that can help you to make your home as presentable as possible for the photographer and potential buyers.

    Staging Your Home

    When real estate professionals discuss “staging” homes, many people think that you need to spend a large sum of money in redecorating and new pieces for your home. This is not the case. Staging is just making sure that everything has a place and that place makes sense. Ensuring that everything has a place will also make it easier for you to show your home at a moment’s notice.


    Potential buyer ...

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